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A pet is the only one on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

Summer Pet Care Safety Tips

Keep your pets hydrated!

When the weather heats up, your pets need more water to regulate their body temperature and stay hydrated.  Make sure their water bowls are regularly cleaned and filled daily with cool water.  Higher temperatures can also accelerate the growth of bacteria in standing water running the risk of infection and illness.  Thirsty pets can also go looking elsewhere if their usual water source is empty, often coming in contact with hazardous liquids (antifreeze, chemicals...).

Engaging in physical activity with our dogs is an important component of the bond that we share with our four footed friends. Aside from the numerous physical health benefits such as stronger heart and bones, toned muscles, improved circulation; exercise helps keep them, and us, happy, calm, well-adjusted, and mentally stimulated.

Studies show that our dogs are not exercising enough, sleeping more than 50% of their day if not actively engaged or stimulated. Pet obesity rates continue to climb, reaching all time highs as well. Exercising your dog can prevent and treat many illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, and depression.